Documentation and resources

General Documentation

Reviews of CERN communications

The company Proof Communications reviewed CERN’s communications in 2016, their internal communications and external communications reports are now being fed into CERN’s communications strategy for 2017 onwards.

Design guidelines

Design guidelines maintained by the Design and Visual Identity Service. These include guidelines on the correct use of the CERN logo, presentation templates and stationery

Rétroplanning événementiel

Events count-down schedule to help you organise events in a smooth way: know who to contact, when and for which topic. Email to get started.

Web user experience guidelines

A toolkit for developers of CERN websites developed by the IR-ECO web team to help create a standard user experience across CERN's websites. Includes code for typography, layout, Drupal themes and the CERN toolbar

Writing guidelines

Writing guidelines maintained by the IR-ECO writing and editing team. Originally conceived as guidelines for editors on the CERN website, these may be a useful reference for others

Documents for the communications teams

Editorial meeting - stories this week

An overview of the upcoming stories that have been commissioned this week. Access is restricted to members of the editorial team e-group

Editorial workflow

The ECO editorial workflow defines how content is commissioned, produced and approved. This procedure is currently in draft, open for comment

Web team documentation

Internal documentation used by the IR-ECO web team that describes the code behind the CERN website, repositories and supporting code for the web infrastructure, and how to configure Drupal

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