Effective, managed communications are core to CERN's continuing success.

This proposed communications strategy identifies and addresses some key problems in the way that CERN's communications function is currently managed and resourced. At the core of these problems is the fact that communications activities are distributed and uncoordinated, and therefore that their evaluation, cost and messaging alignment are unmanageable.

Failure to restructure the current communications landscape at CERN creates considerable risk to the Organization's reputation, an inability to manage effectively the Organization's key messages to key audiences, and excess expenditure.

This strategy proposes the creation of two new senior-level posts to address this situation:

  • Chief communications offer: to manage communications policy and activity
  • Chief information officer: to manage information policy issues

This strategy also proposes a reorganization of the Communications Group to enable communications around a new, focussed messaging architecture. This entails an increased annual budget for the Communications Group, bringing the expenditure on communications at CERN closer to benchmarked levels.

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