In developing activities and projects within the framework of this strategy, CERN will work closely with a range of internal and external partners, to ensure a coherent coordination of communication channels and activities, aligned with the CERN communications strategy and with those of our partners.

Partners within CERN:

  • CERN Council
  • Collaborations of the experiments at CERN
  • CERN departments
  • Ideasquare and OpenLab
  • The CERN & Society Foundation
  • The Foundation for the Globe of Science and Innovation

Partners in the Member States and Associate Member States:

  • National Laboratories and Institutions
  • Universities
  • Funding bodies
  • Business Incubation Centres

Partners in host states:

  • National, Federal and Local Authorities
  • Permanent Missions
  • International Geneva

Partners in Europe:

  • European Commission
  • EIROforum

Partners in the particle physics community:

  • EPPCN – European Particle Physics Communication Network
  • InterActions Collaboration
  • IPPOG – International Particle Physics Outreach Group
  • European Society of Particle Physics (EPS)
  • National physics societies

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