Target audiences

Target audiences derive from an organisation’s “core business” and operational objectives.

CERN is mandated by the CERN Convention to provide information for and keep the high energy physics community (Articles II.1, II.3(c)) and Member States (Article V.2(f)) regularly updated.

Although not officially mandated to communicate with other groups, it is undoubtedly in CERN’s interest to communicate and engage with a range of different audiences, which are vitally important for CERN to achieve its mission.

Several of these audiences are also stakeholders in CERN’s activities, that is, they directly contribute to CERN’s present and future (Member States and the CERN community are two examples of stakeholders).

The following target audiences have been identified for CERN:

  • Governments and policy makers
    • of Member States
    • of potential new Member States and in Associate Member States
    • of Host States
    • of international organisations
  • International particle physics community
    • Institutes and Universities
    • Physicists
  • International scientific community
  • Media and influencers
  • Teachers and students (from pre-University to graduate)
  • Local community
  • General public (citizens)
  • CERN community (including CERN employees, students, users and associates, contractors)
  • Potential candidates (students, graduates, professionals)
  • Alumni
  • Industry
  • Donors (from individual citizens to corporations and foundations)



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