Group structure

The ECO group reports to the Director of the International Relations sector

International Relations Director Charlotte Lindberg Warakaulle
Strategic Planning and Evaluation Laure Esteveny
James Gillies
Rudiger Voss


Group management

Group leader Ana Godinho
Administration Maureen Prola-Tessaur

Editorial Content Development

Section leader: Kate Kahle

Head of Editorial Content Development Kate Kahle

Cristina Agrigoroae (writer)

Matthew Chalmers (CERN Courier editor)

Ana Lopes (writer)

Corinne Pralavorio (head of writing team)

Achintya Rao (writer)

Anais Schaeffer (writer)

Social media

Julie Haffner (social media manager)

Loïc Bommersbach (social media officer)


Sotirios Boutas (web team manager)

Konstantinos Platis (developer)

Patrick Gröger (developer)

Exhibitions & Global Engagement

Section leader: Rolf Landua

Head of Exhibitions and Global Engagement Rolf Landua
TEDxCERN project Mojdeh Abtahi
Arts at CERN project leader Monica Bello
Alumni Programme Antonella Del Rosso
Exhibition Manager Charles-Henri Denarie
Medialab Carlos Leon Aguilera
TEDxCERN project Lila Mabiala
TEDxCERN project leader, IPPOG manager Claudia Marcelloni De Oliveira
Medialab Joao Pequenao
Arts at CERN project Valeria Pietropaolo
Exhibition content Emma Sanders

Media and Press Relations

Section leader: Arnaud Marsollier

Head of Press Arnaud Marsollier
Press officer Sophie Tesauri
Junior press officer Melissa Marie Jacquemod
Junior press officer Letizia Diamante
Junior press officer Abha Eli Phoboo
UK Communications (STFC) Stephanie Hills
US Communications (Fermilab) Sarah Charley

Teacher and Student Programmes

Section leader: Sascha Schmeling

Head of Physics Education Research Sascha Schmeling
Administrative Support Stavroula Kotsi
Technical Support Vincent Darras
Irtaza Syed
Beamline for Schools Sarah Aretz
High-School Students Internship Programme Ines Knäpper
S'Cool LAB Manager Julia Woithe
Teacher Programmes Manager Gerfried (Jeff) Wiener
Physics Education Research Fabian Bernstein
Alex Brown
Alexandra Jansky
Oliver Keller
Anja Kranjc Horvat
Michel Widerström

Visitors and Local Engagement

Section leader: François Briard

Head of Visitors and Local Engagement François Briard
Visit Service / Guides Dominique Bertola
Visit Service Alejandra Lorenzo Gomez
Visit Service Yesika Enriquez
Globe technical support Philippe Moret
Globe technical support Gilles Gauthéron
Local Engagement Marie Bouvier
Local Engagement and Globe Events Loraine Massarotti
Virtual Reality Projects Neal Hartman
Visit Service, Reception and Shop The ISS Team

Audiovisual Production Service

Head of Service / Producer Paola Catapano
Junior photographer Sophia Bennett
Photographer / Producer Maximilien Brice
Videographer / Producer Noemi Caraban
Videographer / Producer Jacques Fichet
Administrative / Departmental Training Officer Christina Fromm
Videographer Christoph Madsen
Junior AV technician Julien Ordan

Design and Visual Identity Service

Head of Service / Art director Fabienne Landua
Designer / Protocol Presentations Ewa Lopienska
2D/3D Designer Daniel Dominguez
Designer Esma Mobs
Junior Designer Kevin Moles
Iconographer Renilde Vanden Broeck

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