Fellowship: Front-end web developer


Come and join us where it all began: CERN is the birthplace of the World Wide Web and the world's largest particle physics laboratory. As a front-end web developer of the official CERN website you will join the Editorial Content Development section of the CERN Education, Communications and Outreach unit. You will share the web team’s work and take part in design and development sprints on the main CERN website in a role combining web development and site management.

Relevant skills, competencies and aptitudes

  • Front-end development and maintenance of websites and web infrastructures.
  • Experience in working as part of a development team using processes such as agile.
  • Experience in working in distributed teams.
  • Knowledge of tools and processes for software development.
  • User-experience testing and design.
  • Programming/Software development: knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript; open source software development, including Drupal; use of code repositories, including Git and Subversion. Additional knowledge of SASS/LESS and Twig would be an advantage.
  • Information content authoring: knowledge of basic web technologies.
  • Spoken and written English or French. The ability to understand and speak the other language in professional contexts would be an advantage.

The main prerequisite is a desire to learn, and an enthusiasm to work as part of the web team.

How to apply

Candidates should apply via the Fellowship programme job posting and must meet the eligibility criteria for the programme. Please state that you are applying for a fellowship in front-end web development in the motivation section of the application form:

For further information:

Deadline to submit applications: 1 March 2016

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