Multimedia technician for CERN virtual tours

The IR-ECO group is in charge of Education, Communication, and Outreach activities. The CERN visits service organises and coordinates guided tours for more than 100,000 visitors each year on CERN’s sites (e.g. 2015: 107 000).

Nevertheless, the visits service refuses per year about two-thirds of the visits requests due to limited capacity: number, size, and safety constraints of the visit points, the reception building, number of conference rooms, and the number of available guides. In addition, not everyone can afford a trip to CERN to visit the Laboratory (distance, cost, time needed, etc.). The use of 'virtual tours' hopes to address these problems.


The technician will be part of the IR-ECO team and will be involved in all stages of the development and operation of virtual tours and especially, virtual visits.  

Other activities like editing, archiving, or publishing of recordings may also be part of the mission.

Working under the direct supervision of the Virtual Tours coordinator, the technician will also participate in the maintenance of tools for virtual visits in different places on CERN site. 

Qualifications required

Higher technical diploma in an IT or audio-visual related field.


  • Special competencies in video conferences systems
  • Knowledge of existing worldwide standards
  • Comprehensive use of A/V equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of A/V equipment
  • Conceptual planning of A/V systems
  • Cabling
  • User support

Apply through the TTE programme.

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