Evaluation of International Teacher Programmes


CERN provides several national and international programmes for science teachers since nearly 20 years. Those programmes have received very positive feedback from participants and member states. In order to develop this programme further and also report on its impact and suitability regarding the different curricula in the addressed countries, a study is the right tool to find answers to the most burning questions.

This thesis should evaluate the goals of the programme from the point of view of the different stakeholders, i.e. countries, CERN, international bodies, in the framework of a DELPHI study. Furthermore, in view of the participants, motivation and/or curiosity gain through the programmes should be measured.


  • Knowledge of statistical methods
  • Knowledge of general science teaching in different countries
  • Good written English

Training Value

The successful applicant will learn about techniques for international evaluations, working with statistics, DELPHI studies, and get a glimpse of the international environment governing the professional development of teachers.


3 years


Apply through the Doctoral Student Programme

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