Webmaster for CERN Open Days 2019

Come and join us where it all began: CERN is the birthplace of the World Wide Web and the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

As the webmaster for the 2019 CERN open days you will join the Editorial Content Development section of the CERN Education, Communications, and Outreach group.

You will also take part in design and development sprints on the main CERN website in a role combining web development and site management.

Main Responsibilities

  • Create, develop and maintain a website for the 2019 CERN open days
  • Publish content and ensure consistency in language and design across the site
  • User-experience design and testing
  • Development and maintenance of web services


  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good command of one of the two CERN official languages (English, French)
  • Building web applications (e.g. with jQuery, HTML5)
  • Using web application frameworks
  • HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript

Learn more and apply via the technical student programme.

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